Memo Presented By NANTS to the Senate Committee On Agric And Rural Dev

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A memorandum submitted by the National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS) to
the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. We are pleased to have
received an invitation from the Chairman of this esteemed Committee to submit
Memoranda for a Public Hearing to make contributions on the following bills:

1) Legal Framework for the inclusion of Cassava Policy Bill 2017
2) National Livestock Bill 2017
3) National Fertilizer Quality Control Bill 2017

Permit us, Distinguished Senators to commend the leadership and members of the 8th
National Assembly, particularly the Senate on its resolve to promote participatory
democracy and inclusiveness by always engaging citizens and various groups to
identify problems and proffer solutions to them. This practice of collective law making is
seen by us as most effective in sound legislations that represent the voices and views of
the people and seamless to implement. It is a further understanding of the need to
galvanize stakeholders’ inputs and by so doing promote inclusive governance.
We wish to also state that these three (3) Bills are clear indication of the understanding
of the Senate that agriculture is a key sector for wealth creation, poverty reduction and
sustainable development. It further amplifies the preparedness of the National Assembly
to activate people-centered and economic-related legislations that would stimulate
employment generation and re-dynamize the nation’s ailing economy with a view to
completely pull the country and her population out of recession.
We therefore, present herewith, our views hoping that they would help the Committee in
the discharge of this vital legislative assignment.

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